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Meeting of Luxury and Quality

Arte, the place where the most prestigious timepieces, pens and accessories took the stage, It's much more than a brand.

The center of a gorgeous world... Arte's founding philosophy is the art and the pleasure experienced with it. The journey of Arte began with the art and mastery of watchmaking and advanced with adding value to its fine selected items. The brand brings together the fine timepieces with the ambitious ones who has a will to reign over time; and houses the exquisitely designed pens for those who adopts writing as an art. Watches define luxury, handmade pens and accessories, all of this fine selection brought to the eye of the collectors inside the boutiques of Arte where fine art meets unique quality.

With its two boutiques combining the most prestigious brands with the exquisite designs, located in Akmerkez and Istinye Park, Arte is more than a brand for the admirers of quality.

Arte; the boutique of the most prestigious watch brands such as Cartier, IWC, Greubel Forsey, Frank Muller, Ulysse Nardin, Corum, Richard Mille, Graham, Girard Perregaux. Also grants the experience of the special writing instruments of OMAS which has been producing totally handcrafted designs for 81 years in Italy and the luxury mobile phone brand; Vertu.


All progress brings the humanity today are made possible with the spark of an idea and development of it with an effort. Arte based it's approach to this philosophy.

Arte defined its approach as "to get pleasure from artwork" and build up its philosophy on this base. The brand used this philosophy not only in its name but also in all aspects of its work and become a meeting point for the ones who desire to enjoy art. Starting with the theme of "art and mastery of watchmaking" Arte presented a new vantage point to the enjoyers of fine art and the ones aware of the essence of time.

True Luxury

A handcrafted timepiece would become the emperor of time. Granting the soul to a timepiece, matching the art and quality within requires a great skill. These special timepieces are patiently handcrafted by experts in order to achive perfection within the exterior design and internal mechanism. Days, months, and sometimes years of work are presented to those who value “the time”.

Arte; grants these amazing timepieces which are handcrafted with a great skill and effort, to those who appreciates the art.


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